My husband and I are very thankful and more than  happy to praise our realtor Jennifer Calloway for the great job she does. She has been our realtor as buyers and sellers. She helped us find our house 10&1/2 years ago when we moved back to the area from Richmond, VA. She also helped us recently sell that house as I said before after living there for 10&1/2 years. When we were buyers, she personally showed us many homes available. She guided us through the process. She has always given us a personal touch, has done special things for us, and gone out of her way to be appreciative of us as buyers and sellers. When we were sellers, just a few months ago, we signed a six month contract with Jennifer. We were going to try one more time for 6 months to try and sell our home after trying for almost 4 years (trying to sell on our own and using 2 other realtors). She gave us a checklist of the things we needed to do, and we started working on them. Under her care, our home saw more showings than it ever had before. In around 2 months, our home was under contract and completely closed about a month and a half later. Closing was delayed due to loan issues, but Jennifer hung right in there with us expressing concerns on our behalf and assuring us through the whole process. She is forever special to us. We know God ultimately sold our home, but that Jennifer was a big part of that process. Thank you Jennifer for all of your hard work!