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Everett Jones

“When we first met Jennifer Calloway at a local open house, we found her to be warm, engaging, kind, patient and realistic. We quickly came to realize she was someone we’d like to work with during our planned move from the county to Kingsport proper. She proved to be quiet, unassuming — and very knowledgable about local market conditions, reliable contractors and the myriad inspectors necessary for a successful, smooth real estate transaction. Not only did she help us find the ideal house, she worked above and beyond to help deliver a deal that was fair to all parties concerned. We were so impressed with Jennifer that we then turned around and listed with her for the sale of our home in the county. The home we were moving from was a unique property at the higher end of the local market that we were sure would take a year or more to sell. Jennifer brought one strongly interested party after another in little time, ending in a sale fair to all parties in record time (4 months from listing to closing). During the sale, she went far above and beyond what we had to come to expect even from good realtors, continuously leaving us stunned by a constant parade of extras. She was honestly the first realtor we’ve worked with where we felt the commission was truly earned — and happily paid. It may not surprise you to know that we’re already working with her to list a local estate sale of ours — and when the time comes that we downsize from our Kingsport home, we hope to find Jennifer still on the beat!”