Southern Dwellings was established by Diane Hills and Clarissa Brown in April 2013 to provide high-quality real estate services to Kingsport and the surrounding Tri-Cities area. The mother-daughter duo have over three decades of realty experience between them, and they pride themselves on offering attentive, personalized and knowledgeable services to all of their clients.

The Southern Dwellings team understands that the way people buy and sell homes is constantly changing, and they take care to remain at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies, all while suiting their approach to their clients’ preferences. “We work with customers the way they want to do things. We’ll follow their lead on how to communicate,” says Clarissa. From electronic communication to face-to-face contact, giving their customers a professional, convenient and satisfying experience is always top priority. “Our reputation and the trust we’ve established with our clients is what makes us notable,” says Diane, and their growing referral base is a testament to that.

“We focus on treating our customers just how we would hope to be treated, so we can make the experience for them as enjoyable as possible,” says Clarissa. “To buy a house, for most people, is very stressful. There are a lot of little things that have to be accounted for and taken care of, and we’re here to make it easier, to make things smoother for our clients, so they don’t feel the bumps in the road that go on behind the scenes.”

Diane and Clarissa’s tight familial bond has translated into a strong working partnership, with each of their particular strengths and skillsets complementing the other’s. Both have served as President of the local trade association, a distinction unique to Southern Dwellings. The duo understands how to work with each other to create the best experience for each customer, whether a first-time home buyer, a family that has outgrown their current home, someone looking to relocate to the area or any number of other scenarios. Just as importantly, they also understand the area where they work. “We love it here. We really do love Kingsport,” says Diane. That’s why they’ve made it their home and work so hard to help find the perfect home here for all their clients.